Hi !

So lets talk !

So people might have noticed that the website look is totally different from the one in January. This is actually the 4th version of the site.

Now let’s answers some questions regarding simonheloise.com.

What’s with the donate button ? And will it have an impact regarding the content ?

The PayPal Donate and Crypto Donate buttons are there just to show your support .

So donations do have a good impact on our site ,

Please enjoy our site !

New anime release date ?

We release new anime in roughly 5 minute to 2 hours after the official release of that exact series.

How do you maintain the level of quality ?

We have the fastest servers available , and of course with that the most expensive ones. We use them because anime should be watched in the best quality possible , period !!!!

Problems ?

Well google always is deleting our links and downgrading our site , but if you share, like , or just donate, then nothing will ever destroy this site !

Also please check out our tech site heloisetech.com

Thank you for being a part of this Anime site !!!


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  1. I love this site so much an hope people donate to you but sadly I cant


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